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December 20, 2012

Derek Jeter Phones Slain Teacher's Mom

I've made mention before that I'm not the world's biggest fan of the New York Yankees, but,'s hard NOT to like team captain Derek Jeter.

And dude just keeps making it harder to say anything bad about him.

Victoria Soto, the young 27-year-old teacher who died last Friday in the Sandy Hook shootings was, according to everything written about her, a huge fan of the Yankees and, well, Jeter found out.

"Vicki loved the Yankees...that was part of her eulogy," her cousin James Wiltsie told the New York Daily News.  "No one in the family reached out, so (Jeter) must have heard about it and ... reached out.  It was a surprise and unexpected. (Victoria's mother) spoke to him for quite some time."

There aren't any details about what the two discussed, but, we care? 

All we need to know is that the future Hall of Famer is a class act.

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