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December 3, 2012

Johnny Damon is Trying Too Hard

Given half the baseball players out there (it seems) have some sort of facial hair, it's weird to think that it's been more than eight years since Johnny Damon broke tradition and grew out his chin whiskers.

Now, I love Johnny Damon.  It's true.  But, unless he's up for the part of "punky younger brother" on some hackneyed ABC Family sitcom, the 39-year-old might want to see a different stylist.

This past weekend, Damon and his wife Michelle showed up at the 2012 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Awards this past weekend in Las Vegas sporting an unflattering look.

Yuck.  I'm not sure what constitutes a mid-life crisis, but if the unemployed outfielder has taught me includes the words "faux" and "hawk".

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