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December 7, 2012

Larkin: Cheaters "Don't Belong" in Hall

Barry Larkin hasn't even been in the Hall of Fame a year...but already he's drawn his line in the sand regarding the biggest names on this year's ballot.

The 2012 inductee, who spent most of his career playing during the "steroid era" wants to keep baseball's most exclusive club clean. Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens or Sammy Sosa.

"I think if you cheated, no, you don’t deserve it because I know how difficult it was for me to get there and how difficult it was for me just to compete on an everyday basis," Larkin told reporters Thursday. "I think if you cheated, I think you made a decision and I don’t think you belong."

The longtime member of the Cincinnati Reds went on to compare those accused of using steroids to his former skipper Pete Rose.

"I look at what has happened with Pete Rose. Pete Rose is not a Hall of Fame player, banned from baseball. But if you go up to the Hall of Fame all of his records, his bats, everything in is represented in the Hall of Fame," Larkin said. "I see a very similar thing happening with guys that are associated with or been accused of using steroids. I think they will recognize their accomplishments but I don't think those players will be admitted to the Hall of Fame."

The 2013 Hall of Fame voting results will be announced Wednesday, January 9.


Anonymous said...

If you don't think Bonds and clemens and Sosa belong in the HOF, then others that are already in should be booted out of the hall. Like any players that used drugs and/or alcohol or supplements before they were outlawed and being tested for. Not to mention those that use pain killers to play even if those pain killers are not outlawed yet.

Anonymous said...

All I can say to mr. Larkin, is AMEN!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Pain killers are different from performance enhancement drugs like steroids. There are certain drugs that are used for health reasons, along the lines of an insomniac taking sleeping pills. It does not enhance performance in any way. Drugs and alcohol use are personal and don't have anything to do with people as baaseball players.

Anonymous said...

hate to bust anybody's bubble but drugs that are illegal in society don't need to be declared illegal in baseball.. drugs that are f.d.a. approved are legal ... they have a health function.. most of the cheating in mlb has been doctored balls and bats.. and when these are used it's between 10-20% of the time.(game situations dictate their usage).maybe because it's much to easy to get immediately caught. however when a juicer steps into the box or takes the mound he's cheating 100% of the time. cheating is cheating but given a preference i'd rather have a teammate that only cheats 10% of the time versus ALL the time.. the honor and integrity of the game is at stake... no.. they don't belong on baseball's hallowed ground.. unless they agree to having a life sized syringe placed in their booth instead of a bust

Anonymous said...

If you don't believe Barry Bonds belongs in the hall of fame than you know absolutely nothing about baseball. I'd like to see some hard proof that he took steroids.