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December 24, 2012

Terry Bross Award Winners

Oh...Christmas!  In a matter of hours, you'll have come and gone and left a bevy of holiday-related posts in your wake.

And, yeah, The Hall has been guilty of that in the past as well.  Thankfully, this year, that's not how The Hall's baseball card expert Bo Rosny rolls.

Below are the 2012 winners of the Terry Bross Award, named for the ten most porn-star-sounding names of guys on a baseball card.

Why Terry Bross?

The undistinguished former New York Mets pitcher is now an agent, and used porn star Bibi Jones (best known for her pictures with Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski) to recruit potential clients like Dan Uggla, often sleeping with them to help “seal the deal”.

And not a Steve Christmas in the bunch.

10. Mark Beavers
Minor Leagues, 1986-1989

9. Kevin Bootay
Minor Leagues, 1984-1989

8. Randy Butts
Minor Leagues, 1986-1988

7. Johnny Dickshot
Pittsburgh Pirates, 1936-1938; New York Giants, 1939 and Chicago White Sox, 1944-1945

6. Doug Fister
Seattle Mariners, 2009-2011; Detroit Tigers, 2011-2012

5. Woody Held
New York Yankees, 1954-1957; Kansas City Athletics, 1957-1958; Cleveland Indians, 1958-1964; Washington Senators, 1965; Baltimore Orioles, 1966-1967; California Angels, 1967-1968 and Chicago White Sox, 1968-1969

4. Randy "Big Unit" Johnson
Montreal Expos, 1988-1989; Seattle Mariners, 1989-1998; Houston Astros, 1998; Arizona Diamondbacks, 1999-2004; New York Yankees, 2005-2006; Arizona Diamondbacks, 2007-2008 and San Francisco Giants, 2009

3. Rusty Kuntz
Chicago White Sox, 1979-1983; Minnesota Twins, 1983 and Detroit Tigers, 1984-1985

2. Pete LaCock
Chicago Cubs, 1972-1976 and Kansas City Royals, 1977-1980

1. Dick Pole
Boston Red Sox, 1973-1976 and Seattle Mariners, 1977-1978

Who'd we miss...who is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below!  And as always you can follow Bo over at his site Baseball Cards Come to Life.


Josh said...

You forgot Charlie Furbush, of the infamous (Doug) Fister-(Charlie) Furbush trade.

Josh said...

You forgot Charlie Furbush, of the infamous (Doug) Fister-(Charlie) Furbush trade.