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January 31, 2013

Former Slugger's Wife on Cooking Show

A year ago, former big leaguer Matt Williams' wife was part of the inaugural cast of VH1's "Baseball Wives".

This year, the five-time All-Star is again watching from the sidelines as Erika Monroe-Williams is busy showing off her skills in the kitchen as a contestant on ABC's "The Taste".

And in case you were wondering, this isn't Monroe-Williams' first foray into the kitchen.

The former news anchor has hosted countless cooking segments, has her own cooking website and is in the process of writing a cookbook.

"My husband always jokes that I create fabulous dinners, but not before a pot has over-boiled or something has burned along the way," Monroe-Williams said. "I think it’s important for people to know that it’s normal to make mistakes in the kitchen and not be deterred by it! I try not to take myself too seriously in the kitchen. I try to make it fun."

But back to "The Taste".

Monroe-Williams prepared a lime and coriander crusted tuna with coconut, lemongrass cream sauce for the judges.  Three of the judges, while the enjoyed the dish, passed.  Thr fourth, Nigella Lawson, welcomed the slugger's wife to her team.

I'm willing to guess that Lawson's kitchen will have far less drama than what went down week to week on "Baseball Wives".

Mark Grace is Heading to Jail

Former big leaguer Mark Grace is heading to jail.

Grace was busted back in August for driving drunk and he was charged with four counts of aggravated DUI.  All in all, he was looking at serving, potentially, three years in prison.

After pleading guilty to endangerment and DUI on Thursday, he was issued his fate... a four-month sentence that includes work-release jail time as well as three years of supervised probation.  In addition to the jail time, an Interlock device will be installed in Grace's vehicle for six months and he will need permission to travel out of state.


And as far as the work-release...the former first baseman will first need to find a job. 

Following his DUI arrest last fall (which was the second for Grace in 15 months), the Arizona Diamondbacks relieved him of his broadcasting duties.

Is professional "slump busting" an option?

Junior and Tebow...Poker Pals?

Proving you never know who you're going to see hanging out with who...keen-eyed Arizona Diamondbacks starter Daniel Hudson treated his nearly 19,000 Twitter followers with a bit of randomness Wednesday night.

While it's unclear if they did any Super Bowl 47 betting or not, the duo did, obviously, chat it up while playing a little poker.

And if you couldn't figure it out from Hudson's tweet, future Hall of Famer Ken Griffey Jr. and New York Jets quartback Tim Tebow were in Scottsdale this week for the WM Phoenix Open.  An avid golfer, Junior even competed alongside one-time teammate David Aardsma in the Annexus Pro-Am.

January 30, 2013

Lenny Dykstra's Kid Got Engaged

Wedding photos of Lenny Dykstra and Tony Soprano breaking bread?  Sign me up!

The embattled former big leaguer's son Cutter can now add "Jamie-Lynn Sigler's fiance" to the adjectives preceding his name.

The 23-year-old infielder popped the question over the weekend and, naturally, he and his new bride-to-be ran to Twitter to tell their legion of followers.  The pair was introduced by mutual friend (and fellow ball player) Nick Swisher.

"Jamie couldn't be happier. Cutter is the perfect guy for her," a friend of the couple told US Weekly. "Although they have only been together for a year, they both know that this is it for both of them. They are both on cloud nine as are their families and friends."

Cutter Dykstra spent last year with the Washington Nationals Single-A affiliate, the Hagerstown Suns.  He hit .291 and swiped 32 bases.  Sigler, of course, played Tony Soprano's daughter Meadow for six seasons on, you guessed it..."The Sopranos".

Perhaps, the younger Dykstra can get in on his fiance's former ficticious family business and whack some of the fellas out to get his pops?


January 29, 2013

Pitcher's Dad Denies Son's Steroid Use

It seems like it's been, well, weeks since we've heard anything about steroids in baseball.

Now there's this.

According to the Miami New Times, records taken from an anti-aging clinic near the University of Miami reportedly link several big leaguers to performance enhancing drugs.  And the doctor at the forefront of all this...Anthony Bosch.

Yeah, the same cat who, in 2009, was connected to Manny Ramirez's suspension.

But, this time, Bosch's business extends well beyond the former slugger, it includes a number of players with ties to Miami.  Among them...Alex Rodriguez, Gio Gonzalez, Melky Cabrera, Bartolo Colon and Nelson Cruz.

Rodriguez, Cabrera and Colon have been linked to PEDs in the past, but Gonzalez and Cruz?  Those are new names.

And to fuel the fire surrounding Gonzalez?  The Washington Nationals' pitcher's dad, Max, is also listed as a client.

Naturally, the elder Gonzalez says his son has nothing to do with Bosch.

"My son works very, very hard, and he's as clean as apple pie," the Max Gonzalez told the New Times. "I went to (Bosch) because I needed to lose weight. A friend recommended him, and he did great work for me. But that's it. He never met my son. Never. And if I knew he was doing these things with steroids, do you think I'd be dumb enough to go there?"

Major League Baseball has yet to mention any of the players listed in the report by name, but Tuesday morning they issued a statement saying the league’s department of investigations had already been looking into the connections in South Florida.

January 28, 2013

The Musial Funeral TV Ratings Are In!

The ratings are in...and according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Stan Musial's funeral wasn't a hit (get it?) for the local stations in St. Louis that opted to cover the event Saturday.

Wait, hold on. 

You mean to tell me that a televised funeral for a baseball player, albeit one that was universally loved, wasn't a ratings smash? 

I mean, regardless of how much St. Louis loved "The Man"...he hasn't played in the bigs since BEFORE President Kennedy was assassinated and, it's likely, that people living in the shadow of the Gateway Arch had better things to do on a Saturday, right?


In all seriousness, this is what kills me about the television sometimes.  You don't air something like Stan Musial's funeral to get do it to sell advertising.


You do it because it just might be the right thing to do for your viewers.  It's called "viewer benefit" and my guess is that all of Cardinals Nation (or whatever they call themselves) had Musial on their minds.

Matter of fact, getting ratings "wasn’t (the) focus" for local stations KTVI and KPLR.  The news director for the FOX/CW duopoly pointed to wall-to-wall coverage being the main focus and, if you've been paying attention...that's pretty much been the marching orders for every station in St. Louis.

But, back to those numbers.

The Musial proceedings were shown live on five local television outlets...with a combined rating of 12.7.  What does that mean?  It means that 12.7 percent of the homes in the St. Louis DMA tuned in to watch the funeral as it happened.

In case you were wondering, KTVI was tops with a 6.0 rating.  Now, across the Mississippi River (and nearly the entire state of Illinois), Comcast SportsNet delivered its highest regular season ratings for a Chicago Blackhawks broadcast on Sunday night.

That rating?  6.31.

So, really, were the Musial numbers all that terrible for a Saturday afternoon?  And, really, does it matter?

Now, forget everything I just wrote so you can watch the great Bob Costas talk about a true legend.

Curt Schilling's Latest Money-Maker

A few months ago, I was asked to take part in the Out of the Park Laundry League.  The game is incredibly fun and my team made the postseason.  Hooray!

But, it seems, the game also has its claws in those who played baseball for real as well.  And, no, I'm not just talking about the former big leaguers that took part in the inaugural Seamheads Laundry League.

I'm talking about Curt Schilling.

Turns out the one-time hurler-turned-failed businessman can be found posting almost daily updates on his fictitious "Chicago Iron Pigs" over at the Out of the Park Forums. And, yes, that really is him posting as Gehrig38.

Hall contributor E takes a look at another example of where Schilling's on field world and online obsessions collide.


I think every Hall of Very Good visitor is familiar with Curt Schilling, as his career and stats perfectly meet the criteria for enshrinement as a "Very Good" player. And, based upon his 38% showing in the voting for that other “Hall" a few weeks ago, the HOVG may be the only Hall that will have him.

While you're all well aware of Schilling’s on-the-field career, some of you might not be as familiar with his off-the-field one. And, based upon recent events, the two appear to be coming together in a most unpleasant way. Let’s travel back in time a couple of years and catch up on how Schilling decided to spend his retirement.

One of the things that Schilling was known for throughout his career was his love of MMORGing. (I don’t actually believe anyone knew that, but sometimes hyperbole or outright lies make for the best segues.) And, much as anyone else would do when he has a lot of money and suddenly nothing to do, he decided the best way to spend his retirement and career savings was to develop and release an MMORG that had nothing to do with baseball, and founded 38 Studios (get it? after his uniform number?) to do so.

Because developing a video game is a massive monetary undertaking, 38 Studios took out a $75 million loan from the State of Rhode Island, with the promise of bringing new jobs to the state. This enabled 38 Studios to produce and release its debut/final game, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning last year.

And, this being a non-sports endeavor by a former player, it turned out to be a smashing success, right? Of course it wasn’t.

The game was a critical and financial flop, selling an estimated 400,000-plus copies in the United States. By comparison, COD: Black Ops 2 has sold nearly 10 million copies in the U.S. That’s not a flop. This contributed to 38 Studios defaulting on its loan and led the company to file for bankruptcy, hanging a $75 million IOU around Curt Schilling’s neck.

Late last year, Rhode Island filed suit against Schilling and 38 Studios, seeking to collect on that IOU.  And this is where the Curt’s two worlds collide.

The defining moment of Schilling’s baseball career was leading the Boston Red Sox to victory in the 2004 World Series.  You'll recall, the pitcher played with a bum ankle that wept blood into his socks. The "bloody sock" was talked about more than the broken "Curse of the Bambino". 

The sock was such a memorable representation of the Series that it was promptly enshrined in the Hall of Fame. At least it was until Curt needed money.

He has removed the sock from the HOF and is putting his sock from Game Two of the World Series up for sale in order to pay down some of the incredible debt that his disastrous foray into computer gaming has incurred.

And it’s not just a sale to a private buyer; it’s a public auction that anyone who wants to own a filthy tube sock can bid on (you can check out Heritage Auctions’ listing HERE). Heritage's press releases claim they expect to fetch at least $100,000 for the sock, and, considering they sold the infamous Bill Buckner ball for over $400,000, this particular piece of Red Sox memorabilia may achieve a decent price.

Not that it will matter. Even if some sock fetishist pays $1 million for this particular piece of biohazard, that’s still $74 million Schilling will have to come up with. That’s a lot of socks.

At least Schilling won't have to be bummed out anymore that his blood, sweat and athlete’s foot spent more time in the Hall of Fame than he ever will.

January 25, 2013

Nats and Sox Announce New Racing Mascots

If you're a fan of racing're going to want to pay attention.

Friday night, the Washington Nationals announced via Twitter that they have decided on which President to add to their lineup.

The physical should prove to be an interesting one given "The Big Chief" once tipped the scales at a very Sabathia-like 332 pounds.

And why William Howard Taft?

On Opening Day in 1910, he became the first U.S. President to throw out a ceremonial first pitch.  Legend also has it that te 27th President also “invented” the seventh-inning stretch, when he stood up to stretch at a game and the crowd around him did as well.

Okay, I honestly don't know why, but "Bill" will join George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt when the season opens at Nationals Park.

Thursday, the Chicago White Sox made it official, announcing that they'll be wearing 1983 throwback uniforms durnig Sunday home games during the upcoming season.  More importantly, they'll also be honoring their popular "Winning Ugly" team with three glorious racing mascots.

Enter "Racing Pudge" (Carlton Fisk), "Racing Harold" (Baines) and "Racing Kitty" (Ron Kittle).  Now, I don't know about you, but watching those three guys and their bad knees running the bases was painful enough...I'm not so sure I want to see their mascot counterparts doing the same.

Nevermind...I totally do!

 Photo: Looks just like him. I think the Sox should stick you, pudge and Harold in those things for real! Who would win?!!! Lol! My money is on you big guy!  Too funny!

All-Star Suffers Shoveling Accident

I'm pretty sure I have no clue what my spleen does, but Carl Pavano's spleen?  It'll keep dude unemployed and on the sideline for the next six to eight weeks.

According to Ken Rosenthal, the free-agent pitcher recently suffered a ruptured spleen after, wait for it...slipping and falling while shoveling his driveway.

Yup, the injury prone righty can now add "shoveling" to the list of things he should avoid.  And, as (bad) luck would have it, "shoveling" is going to be the thing that makes teams avoid him.

The 37-year-old, who started just eleven games last season for the Minnesota Twins, was reportedly being looked at by both the New York Mets and Colorado Rockies.

A quick glance over at Baseball-Reference shows that Pavano has made more than $70 million throughout his big league career, so that begs the question...what was the guy doing out there clearing off his own driveway?

January 24, 2013

Barry Who-to?

Given his successes on the mound for both the Oakland A's and San Francisco Giants, you'd expect Californians to know who Barry Zito is, right?

Well, after listening to Good Day L.A. host Steve Edwards introduce the former Cy Young Award winner before a recent show appearance...your expectations would be on point.

Then, naturally, the pitcher showed up and, well...the longtime host forgot everything he said three minutes prior.

The fun begins at about the three-minute mark.

***Thanks to Jimmy Traina.***

January 23, 2013

Joe Mauer's Brother to Manage Twins Farm Team

When it came to finding the skipper for their new Class-A affiliate, the Minnesota Twins looked no further than the brother of their superstar Joe Mauer.

On Wednesday, the Cedar Rapids Kernals named the five-time All-Star's older brother their manager.

“I’ve been ‘Joe Mauer’s brother’ a long time,” Jake Mauer told KCRG. “We’re very proud of what he has become, what kind of person he is. I don’t take offense to it.”

Believe it or not, this is actually the seventh season the elder Mauer has been in the Twins system.  The 34-year-old has spent the last four seasons at high-A Fort Myers. His first two years as a manager also were in Fort Myers, but with the Rookie-level Gulf Coast League Twins.

It's easy to poke fun at the fact that Jake's career in the dugout just happens to coincide with his younger brother's rise to prominence behind the plate, but being known as "Joe's brother" and working in the Twins organization is probably better than beng pigeon holed as "Billy's brother" and selling cars.

“I used to sell cars,” he said. “I’ll jump in there every now and then still when they need help. But mostly I just help manage the sales floor.”

Sure he does.

Sammy Sosa Takes the Interwebs by Storm

Sammy Sosa today is not the same guy he was a few years ago.

He's a sharp dresser, the head of a needle-free injection company and, remarkably, he has remembered the English language.

The former slugger took to the interwebs for ten minutes Wednesday afternoon to answer some questions from his fans.  And while he didn’t respond to any questions about steroids (he did comment on Lance Armstrong)…he does believe that both he and Mark McGwire belong in the Hall of Fame.

"I'm not going to come here and say anything that's going to jeopardize my future. But definitely, time will determine everything,” the 1998 National League MVP said. “I’m waiting for my time. I'm the type of person that I don't like the controversy. I'm going to wait here, but definitely time will determine everything.”

Of course.

Other topics Sosa touched upon…his legacy with the Chicago Cubs, his future as a coach and, of course, whether or not he’d be interested in running for president of the Dominican Republic.

"Listen, you never know. If that moment comes in, I will be ready,” Sosa said of his political future. “I don't say that it's going to happen tomorrow or the next day, but I'm going to continue to take care of my family and taking care of the rest of the people, I feel comfortable already and I feel like I'm a president doing that."

You can catch the entire chat below.  Enjoy.

January 22, 2013

A Couple That Kills Together...

As is typically the way of the baseball off season, this one has had it's share of interesting stories.  But, one of my favorites is one involving Atlanta Braves closer Craig Kimbrel. 

Tucked away in a nice little piece in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the 2011 National League Rookie of Year is this.

Kimbrel got married Dec. 1. The honeymoon in the Dominican Republic was relaxing and romantic and all it’s supposed to be, he said that seeing Ashley, his wife, shoot a deer on their first hunting trip together was a highlight of his offseason. That came during a weekend excursion arranged as part of a speaking engagement Kimbrel did for a foundation run by Dr. James Andrews.

That's adorable. 

The 24-year-old got married back in December and, shortly thereafter, dude a charity gig and, wait...took his new bride hunting?

“It was a nice eight-point, she killed it a few weeks ago,” Kimbrel said proudly. “They set up this hunt for us to go on. I was like, can I bring my wife? They said, yeah, sure. She wasn’t too excited about it at the time, but when we got down there and she shot it, she was so excited. She was, like, ‘I know what you’re talking about! This is so exciting.’”

Yes.  Exciting.

And in case you were wondering what Mrs. Kimbrel and a dead animal looks like...wonder no more.

Pete Rose: "Sh*t King"

Confession time.

I really, really enjoy "Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs." over on TLC.  I know.  But I can't help it.

This past week's episode, had "The Hit King" and his family (fiance Kiana Kim and her two kids, Cassie and Ashton) traveling to Cooperstown for last year's Hall of Fame Induction weekend.

The family visited the museum, Rose did not.  Sure, the thing was clearly staged.  What reality show isn't?

But, the pain that Rose shows when talking about his banishment from baseball is, I believe, real.  The love the man still has for baseball is evident and, I'll say it, if this show is a stepping stone to get him back into the game and, ultimately, the Hall of Fame...I'm all for it.

Oh, and in case you're wondering...the "Sh*t King" reference isn't an insult.  Dude referred to himself as such.


January 20, 2013

WWE Superstar or 1987 Middle Infielder?

Pop quiz, again, hotshot…have you ever looked at a random list of names and tried to figure out what name is the birth name of a WWE Superstar and which one is that of a who was a 1987 middle infielder?

Well, you’re about to.

With WWE’s Royal Rumble just a week away, I present to you…WWE SUPERSTAR OR 1987 MIDDLE INFIELDER.

Good luck.

1. Was Cody Runnels a middle infielder for the Texas Rangers or part of a wrestling dynasty which includes his Hall of Fame father and half-brother?

2.  Was Darren Matthews a middle infielder for the Detroit Tigers or a one-time member of the wrestling faction called “The Un-Americans”?

3.  Was Doug Frobel a middle infielder for the Cleveland Indians or more commonly known as the “Intellectual Savior of the Masses”?

4.  Was Phil Brooks a middle infielder for the Chicago White Sox or more commonly known as “The Second City Saint”?

5.  Was Ernie Riles a middle infielder for the Milwaukee Brewers or the masked brother of The Undertaker?

6.  Was Tom Lawless a middle infielder for the St. Louis Cardinals or longtime WWE commentator who once feuded with comedian Andy Kaufman?

7.  Was Bryan Danielson a middle infielder for the Boston Red Sox or did he recently lose the World Heavyweight Championship belt in 18 seconds?

8.  Was Ryan Reeves a middle infielder for the Montreal Expos or a current title contender billed as being from “Sin City”?

9.  Was Ron Killings a middle infielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates or a rapping Superstar with an imaginary friend?

10.  Was Domingo Ramos a middle infielder for the Seattle Mariners or masked second generation luchador?

Think you’ve got it figured out?  Click HERE to find out how you did!

January 18, 2013

Team Trying to Cash in on Te'o

Since Deadspin broke the Manti Te'o story Wednesday, everyone has jumped into the fray to get themselves some attention.

The most recent...independent baseball team, the Florence Freedom.

Late Thursday night, the team announced that they'll be holding a "Manti Te'o Girlfriend Bobblehead Day".

On May 23, the first 1000 fans will get an empty bobblehead box, a section in the stands will be blocked and reserved only for fans to sit with their imaginary friends, girlfriends/boyfriends or spouses. Also, there's going to be a make pretend kiss cam, air guitar contest and an imaginary food fight outside the Airheads Kids Zone.

"There's not a lot to do to get attention in January," Freedom general manager Josh Anderson told ESPN. "You have to find some way to get the buzz."

I get it, but will anyone even care about this story in February...much less four months from now?

January 17, 2013

"The Snake" Can Play Baseball

The link between baseball and professional wrestling has been around for a long, long time.

Consider this.

Before he was "Macho Man" Randy Savage, Randy Poffo was actually an outfielder who spent parts of four seasons in the low minors.  He finished his career with a .254 batting average.

At least four members of the WWE Hall of Fame have ties to baseball.  Three of them (Pete Rose, Bob Uecker and one-time San Diego Padres mascot, the Famous Chicken) are legendary figures in the sport, while a fourth (Curt Hennig) was inducted by Wade Boggs.

Lastly, where would the blogosphere be without the constant updates on the courtship between New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez and former WWE Diva Torrie Wilson?

What follows...well, what follows is another one of those weird connections between the two sports, er, sports entertainment, that I enjoy.

While listening to a recent episode of the "Art of Wrestling" podcast, WWE legend Jake "The Snake" Roberts began telling host Colt Cabana the story of a charity softball game he was part of a quarter-century ago in Montreal.  Naturally, my ears perked up.

Without re-telling the entire story (you can listen to the podcast HERE), let's just say that exactly how you would imagine a softball game between wrestlers and hockey players would play out, did indeed happen.

Roberts, whose battles with drugs and alcohol have been well documented, showed up still showing the effects of the night before.  "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, who used to carry a two-by-four to the ring with him, was using his trademark plank at the plate instead of a baseball bat. 

Fittingly, no one knew the rules.

Except for Roberts, of course.  And why wouldn't he...this is his story to tell.

"The Snake", who claims to have been, at one time, quite the pitcher was playing, as he said, centerfield.  A ball was hit, he ran back "325 feet", fell down as he cut back to make the catch and, fortunately, still caught the long fly while spread out on his posterior.

Of course, this all ended with him being carried off the field like some sort of hero.

Thanks to the internet, we know that that isn't exactly how it played out.

I'll let you check out the visuals below, but, suffice it to say, Roberts might be misjudging the distance he ran.  The catch, however, is still rather impressive.

Donald Trump Supports Pete Rose

I don't want to be the guy who tells Donald Trump how to conduct his business...but sometimes (correction: all the time?) dude has the market cornered on random.

Case in point.  Thursday morning, while the rest of the country is talking about Manti Te'o and/or Lance Armstrong...he drops this revelation.

Now, I'm not going to lie...I'm a fan of both men, but c'mon, Trumpster...unless you're out there trying to help promote Pete Rose's new show (you can watch the first episode HERE), the tweet kinda came from out of nowhere.

Oh well.  It's not long until pitchers and catchers report.

January 15, 2013

Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs.

When it was first announced that Pete Rose and his fiance Kiana Kim were going to be the stars of their own TLC reality series...I was skeptical.

I mean, would a show about baseball's all-time hit king and a former Playboy model be all that interesting?

Turns out...yes.  Yes, it is.

And here's why.

After just a couple of minutes, you learn that Rose is exactly the dirty old man you figured he would be.  And, Kim, well...she's every bit the plastic future-trophy wife you'd expect.  But, beneath all that, they both seem to genuinely care about each other and, honestly, that's what you want from a show that, among other things, is showcasing the differences between a 71-year-old and his much younger wife-to-be.

I just wish someone would cut the cord between Kim's daughter Cassie and her cell phone.  Oooooh, kids these days!

Hit King...I know you're reading this.  Perhaps fodder for a future episode?  Hint.  Hint. 

So, in case you missed it, enjoy "Pete Rose: Hits and Mrs." online while you still can.  And, yeah, my favorite part...the monogrammed "Hit King" collared shirts. 

Super classy.  I want.

January 14, 2013

T-Plush Caught Cheatin'...or Not

Just call him RikRok.

If you're one of the close to 86,000 Twitter followers of outfielder Nyjer Morgan, you were greeted Monday night with an interesting series of tweets.

Naturally, given the nature of the internet, you had to wonder if the social media confession was legit or something more sinister. 

Either way, "T-Plush" did what anyone caught in that situation would do...he deleted the posts and claimed his account had been hacked.

Of course, along the way, he also changed out his Twitter avatar. 

You see, initially, he had a picture of him and a lady friend, but after announcing that he "changed his password" became a picture of him and a cat.  And then, for some reason, everything regarding the hacking was, mysteriously, deleted.  But it's okay.  Dude claims he has "MLB security" and his lawyers on the case 


What do you believe, nation?  Was "T-Plush" being contrite and honest with his followers...or the victim of shenanagins?

Might I suggest "The Shaggy Defense"?

Sammy Sosa is Fronting a Needleless Injection Company?

It's not news to anyone, but, last week, Sammy Sosa did not make it into the Hall of Fame.  And, for some reason, the 1998 National League MVP felt it his place to comment.

"Even if we weren’t inducted on our first time," Sosa said via a statement, "we are still winners and there is always a next time."

Now, unless Sosa has a mouse in his pocket...I'm not sure who the "we" is. 

Except, there's this.

The former big leaguer, who hit 609 home runs during his career, is the new face of Injex 21...a company that, well, here's what the Chicago Tribune says about Injex 21.

That company specializes in needleless drug injections, according to the news release and according to its website, the front of which welcomes visitors with the headline, "A future free from needles." The site then lists insulin as one example of a medicine that can be delivered with the Injex 21 system and shows pictures of people using its products.

A company biography on the Injex 21 site says Sosa was introduced to the firm in "mid 2012," and that the former Cubs icon saw it as a chance to "help millions of people. From people who are afraid of needles to those who have to subject themselves to daily self-injections and to medical workers who are at risk for puncture wounds."

Hold on.  What would Sosa know about daily self-injections? 

I mean, this is the same guy who, while battling Mark McGwire to best Roger Maris' single season home run record back in 1998 famously claimed his increased strength came from ingesting Flintstones vitamins, not from, oh, nevermind.

Seems like a logical choice.