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January 1, 2013

2012: The Year That Was

Just when I thought 2011 was an awesome year, 2012 stopped by and kicked the crap out of it.

Once again, I’m proud to say that this past calendar year was a record one and it couldn't have been done without the support from each and every one of you.

So, while many sites across the interwebs have filled their space with "best of" lists…here’s ours.  And when we talk "best of"...I'm talking about the stories that had the most traffic.

10. Mini Josh Hamilton is Awesome (October 31)
I'm a sucker for stuff like this. Especially when you include eye black and tattoos.

9. Heath Bell Has a Sick Backyard (January 25)
Before things went south for the then-newly acquired (now recently removed) Miami Marlins closer, Heath Bell showed off his sick patio that, I might add…is equipped with more TVs and fire than any place I’ve ever lived in.

8. Bernie Brewer Hates the Cubs (April 9)
It’s always nice to see people getting more and more creative with their tattoos. And before you ask, yes...that's Milwaukee Brewers mascot Bernie Brewer with an assault rifle doing a crotch grab over a bullet-filled Chicago Cub.

7. We Get It, A-Rod...You're Getting It (January 4)
I wanted to be done with A-Rod and The Diva a few times, but the more stupid stuff they did…the more I got sucked in.  Sorry, internet.

6. Hall of Famer Busted for DUI (October 23)
Hey…remember that time Carlton Fisk made an Illinois cornfield his own "field of dreams"? He’d like to forget it.

5. Suspect Nabbed Because of Terrible Tattoo (June 22)
Again with the tattoos. It never surprises me where New York Yankees logos show up. This time…on a dude’s face.

4. Former Pitcher Makes Eerie Prediction Before Death (December 18)
A month before he would succumb to injuries he sustained in a motorcycle crash, former Cincinnati Reds pitcher Frank Pastore made some pretty crazy comments on his radio show.

3. Youk's Brother Rips Boston (June 24)
Has anyone heard what Scott Youkilis thinks about his brother Kevin signing with the New York Yankees?

2. Sitcom Star in Altercation at Dodgers Game (September 17)
Typically, it's rappers and musicians that get in fights to drum up interest for their upcoming projects, but, back in September, it was "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet getting into the act.

1. "Idol" Winner Back on the Mound (March 13)
Proving you never know where the traffic is gong to come from…apparently people absolutely LOVE "American Idol" winner (and high school pitcher) Scotty McCreery.

Honorable Mention: "HOVG Heroes"
Late 2011, Hall contributor Gordon Holmes and I cooked up an idea…induct someone into The Hall of Very Good™. So, with the help of some incredibly enthusiastic and supportive writers, artists and all around great baseball minds, we launched "HOVG Heroes" and, oh lord, was it well received.

The series of posts concluded on July 20 with longtime big league pitcher Tommy John being the inducted as the inaugural member of The Hall of Very Good™. We were happy. Tommy was happy. Everyone was happy.

And, spoiler alert, we’re going to be doing it again in 2013.  Kind of.

Again, a huge thanks to Yardbarker, The Baseball Bloggers Alliance, Bloguin, Hot Clicks, Big League Stew, Hardball Talk, Eye on Baseball, Deadspin, Grantland, FOX, USA Today, The New York Times, Baseball Think Factory, The Score, The American Mustache Institute and the countless others who continue to link to The Hall on a regular basis.

And, of course, a bigger thanks the readers that made 2012 what it was. Stick around for 2013…it promises to be huge.

What story (stories) did you enjoy most? Click on "comments" below and go bananas.

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Bernie hates the Cubs ftw