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January 22, 2013

A Couple That Kills Together...

As is typically the way of the baseball off season, this one has had it's share of interesting stories.  But, one of my favorites is one involving Atlanta Braves closer Craig Kimbrel. 

Tucked away in a nice little piece in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution about the 2011 National League Rookie of Year is this.

Kimbrel got married Dec. 1. The honeymoon in the Dominican Republic was relaxing and romantic and all it’s supposed to be, he said that seeing Ashley, his wife, shoot a deer on their first hunting trip together was a highlight of his offseason. That came during a weekend excursion arranged as part of a speaking engagement Kimbrel did for a foundation run by Dr. James Andrews.

That's adorable. 

The 24-year-old got married back in December and, shortly thereafter, dude a charity gig and, wait...took his new bride hunting?

“It was a nice eight-point, she killed it a few weeks ago,” Kimbrel said proudly. “They set up this hunt for us to go on. I was like, can I bring my wife? They said, yeah, sure. She wasn’t too excited about it at the time, but when we got down there and she shot it, she was so excited. She was, like, ‘I know what you’re talking about! This is so exciting.’”

Yes.  Exciting.

And in case you were wondering what Mrs. Kimbrel and a dead animal looks like...wonder no more.


da47ve said...

Nice to see that there are actual females who live in Atlanta willing to tote a rifle and kill a deer...probably in a sportsman's Park overrun by deer. good for her!

Anonymous said...

At least they'll be eating while you're starving after Obama screws this country beyond belief.

Anonymous said...

I think the author of this should be bold enough to sign his/her name. The tongue in cheek sarcasm seems to indicate that this writer carries a heavy bias against guns? hunting? marriage? Atlanta Braves? who knows... Not funny and a sorry piece of journalism.

Anderson said...


There are plenty of places to find out who writes this site. Matter of fact, you can hit me up on Facebook (there's a link), Twitter (also a link) or via email (at the bottom of the page) if you're so inclined.

Next topic.

After reading and re-reading the post above...I see no "bias" against guns. Matter of fact, there isn't a mention of a gun! There is reference to her shooting the deet...but no explanation as to how.

What's your bias?

Oh, and for the record, most sarcasm is, indeed, tongue-in-cheek.


Anonymous said...

anyone that doesnt understand hunting please leave this country. and for the woman that can't hunt, your not really woman. your cement high rise apparement prison dwelling leg spreaders.

Anonymous said...

If she was a was New York girl she would have had her nails done , went shopping and then go to temple with all the other yentas