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January 9, 2013

Barry Bonds is Doing Alright

As a surprise to, well, virtually no one, home run king Barry Bonds failed to make it into baseball's Hall of Fame Wednesday.

With just 36.2% of the vote, the beleaguered former big leaguer has yet to come out and comment on his lack on inclusion (why would he?)...but there's a good reason for it.

Dude is on vacation.  In Hawaii.

A day after pictures of the seven-time National League MVP and a lady friend popped up over at the Thirty Mile Zone, this handsome devil below made its way to Twitter.  And something tells me that might be the only comment we'll ever get from Barry Lamar Bonds.

***Thanks Big League Stew!***

1 comment:

@OCP22 said...

Does Barry want to play LF for the Phillies? Have to admit he looks great... better than he did when he was still playing. Looks slimmer... hard to believe he's 48 years old.