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January 4, 2013

Baseball Team Looking for New Name

Alright, gang, if you've got a knack for naming your fantasy baseball team...Rock River Valley Baseball has a golden opportunity for you.

They want you to re-name their team.

Yup, the same Midwestern city that once gave the world the Rockford Peaches has seen a number of team affiliations come and go throughout the years.  And, now, the Rockford Riverhawks, who won the Frontier League Championship in 2004, is searching for a new identity.

Why?  Simple.  The franchise has a new owner...and he's looking to make a change.

"We are eager to see the community suggestions for the team name," Rock River Valley Baseball President Bryan Wickline said in a statement.  "It's a clean slate and every name suggestion will be considered.Be creative!"

Oh, and given Rockford is primarily known for Cheap Trick and sock monkeys...I can't wait to see the nation's fourth fattest city comes up with!

Entries must be submitted by midnight January 23rd.  The winner wins season tickets for life...or until the team folds or leaves town.

For more rules and what not...check out the team's website

Also, I'd like to hear some of your name ideas.  Sound off below and I will personally see to it that your suggestions get to the team.

1 comment:

Ruben (Red Sox Nation - Alberta) said...

Would Files as in "The Rockford Files" be too obvious?