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January 7, 2013

Goose: "Are you (expletive) kidding me?"

As the Hall of Fame clock keeps ticking, we're going to be flooded with conjecture as to whether or not certain players on this year's ballot belong.

Well, if current Hall of Famer Goose Gossage had his way...there'd be no "cheaters" in Cooperstown.

"If they elect cheaters into the Hall of Fame, I am not sure I would go back.  It hurts me to even think about it," the 2008 inductee told the Denver Post this past weekend.  "You are telling me we are going to reward these guys?  Are you (expletive) kidding me?  What is going on in this world?  Right is right.  Wrong is wrong."

Let it be known that the longtime closer is referring to those who used PEDs as "cheaters".

"They say there wouldn't be a Hall of Fame without PEDs?  I completely disagree," Gossage continued.  "No Cheaters.  Period."

I'm curious if Gossage had this same stance in 1992 when he experienced a mini-resurgence (of sorts) in Oakland's bullpen?  Behind the bats of Mark McGwire and Jose Canseco...the A's finished atop the American League West.

A year later, without the pair, the team dropped from first to worst.

But, back to cheating. 

What does Gossage think of fellow Hall of Famers Whitey Ford, Gaylord Perry and Don Sutton?  All three have been accused of doctoring the baseball at different points in their careers.  Do we throw them out as well?

On an entirely different note, Gossage is set to add another award to his already full trophy case.  On January 15, he will be the recipient of the 2013 Red Smith Award.

What in the world is that?  Well, according to the Post Crescent, "the Red Smith Award is given annually to an individual who has contributed or continues to contribute to sports either on or off the field in Wisconsin."

Well...there you go. 

No word as to what Red Smith's governing body thinks of PEDs.


Drew said...

To me, there's just a slight difference between doctoring a ball a la Sutton, Ford, and Perry, and violating Federal Laws to cheat a la the PED crew.

Rulebook Guru said...

Actually, according to the baseball rulebook, doctoring a ball or corking a bat is NOT even cheating. Part of the game for which there is a penalty described in the rulebook, just like a balk or batting out of order. Read more here Rulebook Guru