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January 2, 2013

High Schooler Absolutely Crushes One in Miami

It might be a dumb question, but...chicks still dig the long ball, right?

Because, if so, Covina, California's David Denson is going to have them crawling all over him when he hits the campus at the University of Hawaii next fall.

You see, the high schooler was taking part in the annual Power Showcase at Marlins Park in Miami and bounced three, count 'em, three off the scoreboard in center. The longest measuring 515 feet. Suffice it to say, dude was eventually crowned the new world champion and set a new distance world record. No word as to whether or not that fishy monstrosity in left center did it's thing.

When I was his age, I thought one bouncing a long fly into the cornfield at the Field of Dreams movie site was pretty impressive.


Anonymous said...

Impressive yes, but put a wooden bat in his hands like the pros and let's see how far it goes.

Anonymous said...

agreed, very impressive, but he should try a wooden bat. I would like to see a batting practice with MLB guy using these bats, I bet they would hit for 650 plus.

Anonymous said...

I was at this event...and it was impressive. The players were only permitted to use a wooden bat for the first set of outs and then they were required to switch. There were MANY home runs hit with the wooden bats, just none that created a new record.

@OCP22 said...

I don't care what kind of bat he's using... 515 feet is aweseome. And he's going to school in Hawaii - yeah, I'm jealous. Maybe the kid doesn't make it to the big show but can you imagine this kid on your church softball team? Very impressive