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January 23, 2013

Sammy Sosa Takes the Interwebs by Storm

Sammy Sosa today is not the same guy he was a few years ago.

He's a sharp dresser, the head of a needle-free injection company and, remarkably, he has remembered the English language.

The former slugger took to the interwebs for ten minutes Wednesday afternoon to answer some questions from his fans.  And while he didn’t respond to any questions about steroids (he did comment on Lance Armstrong)…he does believe that both he and Mark McGwire belong in the Hall of Fame.

"I'm not going to come here and say anything that's going to jeopardize my future. But definitely, time will determine everything,” the 1998 National League MVP said. “I’m waiting for my time. I'm the type of person that I don't like the controversy. I'm going to wait here, but definitely time will determine everything.”

Of course.

Other topics Sosa touched upon…his legacy with the Chicago Cubs, his future as a coach and, of course, whether or not he’d be interested in running for president of the Dominican Republic.

"Listen, you never know. If that moment comes in, I will be ready,” Sosa said of his political future. “I don't say that it's going to happen tomorrow or the next day, but I'm going to continue to take care of my family and taking care of the rest of the people, I feel comfortable already and I feel like I'm a president doing that."

You can catch the entire chat below.  Enjoy.


kajunkat said...

IOf you do drugs to play better than normal then your no better thgan a man that gambled on other sports.

Agdoc said...

Got news for you, Sammy, you no longer HAVE a future in BB. Unless, of course, they add a wing onto Cooperstown just for 'roiders, then you, Mark and Barry can be the first three "enshrined". Actually, "entombed" would be more just.

Anonymous said...

Just put them in and shut up about this, please.