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January 14, 2013

T-Plush Caught Cheatin'...or Not

Just call him RikRok.

If you're one of the close to 86,000 Twitter followers of outfielder Nyjer Morgan, you were greeted Monday night with an interesting series of tweets.

Naturally, given the nature of the internet, you had to wonder if the social media confession was legit or something more sinister. 

Either way, "T-Plush" did what anyone caught in that situation would do...he deleted the posts and claimed his account had been hacked.

Of course, along the way, he also changed out his Twitter avatar. 

You see, initially, he had a picture of him and a lady friend, but after announcing that he "changed his password" became a picture of him and a cat.  And then, for some reason, everything regarding the hacking was, mysteriously, deleted.  But it's okay.  Dude claims he has "MLB security" and his lawyers on the case 


What do you believe, nation?  Was "T-Plush" being contrite and honest with his followers...or the victim of shenanagins?

Might I suggest "The Shaggy Defense"?


E said...

I don't believe anything I hear about a Brewer. Like Robin Yount being a good person

Anonymous said...

Your a hater "E"! How is Yount not a good person?

Anonymous said...

your a fucktard