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January 8, 2013

Yu Darvish Museum in the Works

Just in case you weren't aware how big of a star Texas Rangers pitcher Yu Darvish is in Japan...this should convince you.

According to Japanese media reports, planning is underway for a Darvish museum in the Hyogo prefecture, in the southern part of the country. The tentative plan calls for a November opening

No word as to what would be included in the exhibit, but something tells me it won't be able to compete with the one dedicated to Ichiro Suzuki. Then again, the "Ichiro Exhibition Room" is run by the New York Yankees superstar's parents in his hometown of Toyoyama, Japan.

For the record, Ichiro's museum has an autographed Snoop Dogg poster. Your move, Darvish!

1 comment:

Claire @ Blank T shirt said...

Darvish is good. but he's not THAT good. he's DEFINITELY not good enough to have a museum on his own. r u kidding me? he won 16 games, not bad for a rookie, but he only played in ONE major league season! even roy halladay doesn't have a private museum, and yu is NOWHERE close to him. this is stupid, plain and simple.

Claire Danes.