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February 27, 2013

Astros Pitcher Hates Dolphins

Ten months ago, Philip Humber threw baseball's 21st perfect game.  Now...the righty is in camp with the Houston Astros talking about, for some reason, his hatred of dolphins.


Apparently, as the story goes, the then-six-year-old Humber and his family were on vacation and his father gave him some cash to buy a souvenir.  Humber, coincidentally an Astros fan, bought "the most expensive item he could afford" Astros ring.

Then, the family went to Sea World in San Antonio.

“I had the ring on, and we go into this dolphin exhibit where you can actually get the dolphins to come up to you and touch them," Humber describes. “The ring falls off. It’s loud in this place, and I’m yelling to my dad, ‘I can’t reach it!’ And here comes this dolphin and swallows that ring. Oh, it was devastating, man. I hated dolphins for a long time after that.”

Grab some pine, ducklips!

***Thanks to Astros County for the tip.***



Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight. A Houston Pitcher (Mr. Humber), hates dolphins because as a 6 year old he bought a Houston Ring, that was too big for him (One size for everyone), and while playing with dolphins in their tank, his plastic ring falls off, and the dolphin eats it. This guy is not the brightest penny on the street. Did he ever bother to think that a ring that was too big should not be played with in a fish tank as it could slide off his finger. Did he ever stop to think he may have injured the dolphin considering there are signs posted that specifically state that foreign objects will be not thrown in the dolphin pool. Mr. Humber may be a great pitcher as his perfect game demonstrates, but he does not have enough common sense to come in out of a shower of rain. Then again, most 6 year olds don't. With that being the case It would appear to me that he still does not have any common sense as he is 30 years old and had this published for all the world to see how stupid he is. My answer to Mr. Humber, Grow up.

Anonymous said...

The person above me fails so hard at life, it makes Lindsay Lohan look classy.

Anonymous said...

Wow what is wrong in your life "Anonymous" that you have no sympathy for a six year old and their love of something at a young age. That you would conclude he is still not smart at age 30. And six year olds (in Kindergarten no less) dont read or pay attention to posted signs because they are to young to read. You learn to read in first grade and then only begining books not signs at Sea World. Get over yourself you look like the not smart one here just a bitter person for no reason. Not our fault you cant throw a baseball you can only pick on someone through the internet.

Anonymous said...

Of course he didn't think that the ring would fall off. He was SIX yrs old!!!! How many 6 yr olds do you know that think things through? I'm sure you did a few dumb things at 6. At 30 i'm sure he's just trying to make light of a situation that was devestating to him in his youth.

Anonymous said...

Dude, did you have that much foresight when you were 6? If so, you are freakin genius by now! Surely it was more a light-hearted comment rather than a true hatred for dolphins.