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February 6, 2013

C.J. Wilson Named MLB's Mane Man

Lost in all the hullabaloo of last week's Super Bowl was the fact that Head & Shoulders named their MLB "Mane Man" for the upcoming season.

And that guy...none other than Los Angeles Angels pitcher, friend of The Hall, C.J. Wilson.

"Head & Shoulders is an iconic brand that I trust to take care of my hair and scalp so I can concentrate 100 percent on and off the mound," Wilson said.

"Having a guy like C.J., who shows confidence both on and off the field, is a great way to bring scalp and hair care to the forefront for guys everywhere," said Michael Sabbia, Brand Manager for Head & Shoulders, North America, Procter & Gamble.

So, really, what does this mean?

You can bet you'll be seeing the lefty smiling at you both on your TV and in your grocery store.  But, hey, it could have been worse...Head & Shoulders could've named any one of these guys their poster boy.

Photo: Looks like Brett Keisel is getting a whiff of CJ Wilson's hair.

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