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February 9, 2013

Giants to Host Metallica Night in May

I thought long and hard about how to work Metallica songs into this, but decided to just open with the obvious.

The San Francisco Giants have, without a doubt, one of the best marketing departments in all of the Majors.  Seriously.  If recent years have taught us anything it's this...they rock.

And on Friday, May 3...AT&T Park will as well.

When Giants take on the Los Angeles Dodgers that night, they'll be doing it with Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Metallica taking center stage. Yup, you guessed it, the World Champs will be hosting Metallica Night.

What say you, Gods of metal?

"We're psyched to be teaming up with the World Series champs for the first ever Metallica Night at AT&T Park," the band said via a statement.  "We'll be on hand that night to kick off the game with the national anthem and first pitch, joining the orange and black fanatics with Metallica vibes and shenanigans throughout the evening to cheer on the team."

Pretty sweet.

Perhaps fans enter the stadium, they'll be given a sweet "special edition" Metallica Giants hat. Also, throughout the game, there will be Metallica-themed entertainment.

And sing the National Anthem? 

If the video below is any indication, the legendary metal band's frontman James Hetfield is adept at getting the crowd fired up.

Ride the lightning.



Anonymous said...

Thinking Metallica would be a pretty good Super Bowl halftime show. This year all I was watching for was a "wardrobe malfunction"!! Not very good!

Anonymous said...

Metallica sure could wake things up during the 7th inning stretch!
Long live Metallica - Long live Rock and Roll!!

Anonymous said...

freakin right! im not all about baseball but i would deff go to a game to see metallica! long live the sandman!