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February 25, 2013

John Axford Owned the Academy Awards

Conventional wisdom would dictate that if you spend enough time on the road as a professional baseball player, you've seen more than your share of movies.

And if you're Milwaukee Brewers closer John Axford and you also happen to a self-proclaimed "Film Aficionado" (and film major in college) probably had an opinion on what was going to take home the top prize during Sunday night's Academy Awards ceremony.

Prior to the awards show, Axford hit the Twitters and revealed his picks for 15 of the categories.  And, suffice it to say, dude did alright.

The only pick he got wrong?  Axford went with Steven Spielberg for Best Director whereas the Oscar went to Ang Lee.  That said, it's probably good that "The Ax Man" didn't take any Best Picture advice from Jose Canseco.



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