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March 3, 2013

Must See Harry Caray "Impression"

What's with people doing Harry Caray impressions?

Seriously, it seems like anyone with oversized black glasses thinks they have an open invitation to try and sound like the legendary Chicago Cubs broadcaster.  And, mostly, they come across as hackneyed copies of the impersonation Will Ferrell made popular years ago.

Yeah...looking your way Derek Holland and Ryan Dempster.

So, when I saw that Chicago Blackhawks national anthem singer Jim Cornelison donned the unironic thick black glasses for a "Toast for Harry" event this past Thusday...I cringed.

Then, well, then I watched the video below.

Now, if I can make a suggestion.  Is there any way the Cubs can get Cornelison to take up permanent residence at Wrigley Field now that the team has officially uninvited some of their D-list regulars?

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